We're just getting started.

We are working behind the scenes like crazy planning and building the best tools and experience we can to compliment your speed test data. Due to our success collecting data, we have run into some pretty large projects that will take some time for Bodholdt Speed Testing to fund alone. Please consider donating to any project below you’re most excited for!

Everyone should receive credit for their contributions. Your data shouldn't get sucked into a black hole and lost. That's why we're building customizable profiles! Advertise yourself and the tests that you do! Your experience matters.
Good news: We have collected a lot of data! We have an incredible team of web programmers! Bad news: So much data has made the counters and maps severely slow. We need to create a new custom solution to be able to handle the high volume of data.

You can do better.

But seriously, you can. It certainly takes a lot to run a community and you have the skills to do it! If you are as passionate as we are, please join our unpaid voluntary team and help us make cool things for people! Submit your information and what you’d like to help out with and we will be in touch!

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By submitting this form you acknowledge that everything is true to the best of your knowledge and Bodholdt Speed Testing may contact you regarding your input. You are offering to volunteer any amount of time to help Bodholdt Speed Testing and the speed testing community at large in a positive way. This is not a contract, job application or type of employment. We are just passionate people making cool things with and for our peers. Oh, and you have to have fun doing it ... OR ELSE!!!